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N/SNot Specified
N/SNear Side (passenger side of vehicle)
N/SNewtons per Second
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Brooke of Tipton has already given me his concurrence, and a pledge to contribute yearly: he has not specified the sum-- probably not a great one.
INDIANA Yes, but not specified Yes, but not specified
Young is important, because it provides a precedent for gain nonrecognition for property transfers between former spouses that were not specified in the original property settlement.
My experience has been, that owners correct the specific areas indicated in the Commissioner's order, but neglect to abate asbestos in all other areas not specified in the order.
The existing hierarchy provides category (a) status for GASB statements and interpretations regarding state and local government entities; however, if the accounting treatment of a transaction or event is not specified by the GASB, applicable FASB pronouncements are presumed to apply.
Although the state in which this transaction occurred is not specified, it is common that state merger statutes allow more flexibility in their definition of the term "merger" than is allowed under the Code.
If not specified, the election was effective on July 1, 1999; however, it could have been effective as early as May 1, 1999 or as late as July 1, 2000.