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NTDFNew Terra Defense Force (video game)
NTDFNot Too Distant Future
NTDFNot To Delay Flight
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This is an important step for the project to proceed and we are very confident the board will authorize this transaction, hopefully, in the not too distant future," said IDA spokesman, Michael Sherman.
While unemployment is still likely to increase, it is a historically healthy number, coupled with the fact that the recession is already over eight months o ld and adding to the mix that new construction is at or near historic lows, seems to augur well for a "bottom" in the not too distant future.
At some point in the not too distant future, we predict that asking if an office building is "Internet wired" will be as archaic as asking "is it air conditioned?
In the not too distant future, wireless possibilities will extend far beyond cellular phones and buildings will need to be re-adapted.
New York City's real estate market is displaying preliminary activity that may indicate assessments will begin to rise in the not too distant future.
While there is no immediate upturn to the direction of the current market conditions, Haeffner does see the reemergence of smaller institutions, thrifts and insurance companies into the business in the not too distant future.