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NVGNight Vision Goggles
NVGNew Venture Gear (auto transmission)
NVGNeovascular Glaucoma
NVGNot Very Good
NVGNew Ventures Group
NVGNettverksgruppa (Norwegian: Network Group; computer society)
NVGNortel VPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway (computer networking)
References in classic literature ?
This piece is not very good but it is true but I hope you won't mind what is in it as you ran away.
I'm not actually very good but my songs, people think they're great, so nobody notices I'm not very good.
The judge told them: I don''t want to be disrespectful to you but you are not very good at being criminals.
Somewhat surprisingly, considering her sense of humor, she insists, "I'm not very good at being funny.
At this stage, the manager is unaware that he or she is not very good at management.
THE UK Independence Party's leader quit yesterday, admitting he was not very good at party politics.