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NWBWNorthwest By West
NWBWNational Women Bowling Writers
NWBWNot Worth Bothering With
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("Today no one would dream of saying that conservative ideas are not worth bothering with," insists the grammatically challenged Norman Podhoretz.)
Male cricket is not worth bothering with any more, is it?
After Eddie Izzard all those years ago, it's simply not worth bothering with. Using old news clips of people with their pets for your material is even more complacent.
The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also low down and so not worth bothering with just now.
Not worth bothering with the other plankton apart from cockney Lou - AKA Muvva Brown.
Marr said: "In the past we've looked at the Intertoto Cup as a bit of a joke and not worth bothering with but attitudes are changing.
Sentencing the pair, who lived together in Brafield on The Green, Northants, Recorder Sam Mainds told O'Callaghan: "If the facts of this case had formed the plot of a TV drama, any normal member of the public would soon have turned it off as being so bizarre and unlikely and not worth bothering with
Byas, who brought the championship title to Yorkshire last season for the first time since 1968, said of Gough: "Basically, he's not worth bothering with."
Set betting is hazardous enough over five sets, but over nine is just not worth bothering with. Stick to outright punts on the two outsiders.
Generally, it is not worth bothering with a wire for amounts of less than about pounds 600, unless the recipient cannot or will not accept your plastic.