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And indeed they seemed not worth the effort. It was like the aimless talk of a man pursuing a secret train of thought far removed from the idle words we so often utter only to keep in touch with our fellow beings.
But what he returned with after days and nights of protracted negotiations was not worth the effort. Now the blame game is turning onto the older generation of Little Englanders who pine for the days of Empire, when we never had it so good.
Eventually, after a quick walk, you sink into your seat and tell yourself it's just not worth the effort.
Don't dissipate your energies on nonsense and don't waste your time on people who are not worth the effort. Be discerning and keep your high energy focused.
Finally, if a process simplification does not improve overall quality, add to overall capability, or have a measurable, favorable impact on cost, it most likely is not worth the effort.
Through the people who encourage Nora to think bigger (a guidance counselor urges her to apply to colleges) and broader (Kathleen's mother and Stiller bring the girls to women's rights rallies), Medina skillfully and movingly demonstrates that change can come in small increments, and though there may be setbacks, that doesn't mean it's not worth the effort.
DING Junhui recorded a maximum 147 at the Welsh Open yesterday, just four days after Ronnie O'Sullivan had turned down the chance to do likewise because he felt the prize money on offer in Cardiff was not worth the effort.
The government said that the difficulty and cost of further prosecutions was not worth the effort.
Reasons not to report corruption Difficult to prove a case 47% Reporting it would be pointless because those responsible will not be punished 33% There is no protection for those who report it 31% Do not know where to report it 21% Those who report cases get into trouble with the police or other authorities 20% Everyone knows about these cases and no one reports them 20% No one wants to betray anyone 16% It is not worth the effort to report it 16% Source: Transparency International Note: Table made from barg graph.
But now graduates start to believe that owning business is too challenging and not worth the effort. As a result, it sends out a wrong impression to first year undergraduate students into thinking why they should take the trouble at all.
Our precious son was now labeled "incompatible with life." The medical community looks at statistics and too often decides special needs kids are not worth the effort. Ninety percent of trisomy 18 babies have heart defects and 95 percent aren't brought to full term.
The belief still persists that working too hard is like going for an early grave and is not worth the effort, as it means missing out on family, friends and a good time in the country.