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References in classic literature ?
It was careless of me to be so short; but the bill was not yet due, and the printer's request, as a favor, to make an immediate advance, was quite unexpected."
It refers to the second obligation, which is not yet due. He don't tell me that it is provided for, but he says it WILL BE.
In other words, simply waiting until there is a payment problem may result in a need to be unsecured as to part of the debt, A claimant would still have the right to sue their contract debtor on their contract for the total amount due, (10) A contractor's only other choice is explaining to an owner that a mechanic's lien must be filed to preserve mechanic's lien rights, even though the money is not yet due and that the contractor intends to continue to work on the project.
Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber's investigation into the future of Test cricket is not yet due to be screened north of York, but a few tweets were all the encouragement Collins needed to look into bringing it to the North East, so hopefully that will change soon.
So, the problem is not here, but in another issue." "Appointments' item was discussed and the majority of ministers said that time is not yet due to discuss the appointment of a new Army Commander as the period of the current one ends in September," Jreij explain.
Matheis of Wellpoint testified that "we are seeing strong membership growth and large percentages of our newly enrolled customers are successfully paying their premiums by the due date." He said that, overall, 70% of premiums have been paid, but that figure includes enrollees whose payments were not yet due. For those whose premium deadline has passed, the payment rate is up to 90%, said Mr.
"The post-dated cheque is not yet due for submission.
"But the doctor told us she was not yet due and so we left, but in the car my wife was in so much pain I insisted to take her to another hospital.
Therefore the payments are not yet due. The second instance could be when GoRSS suspend or terminate oil production, which as a matter of common knowledge, did not so far happen.
Central Bank of Serbia adopted amendments and supplements in the legislation for banking supervision related to Granting of a Preliminary Bank Founding Permit, Bank Operating License and Consents by the National Bank of Serbia, as well as the Provisions Relating to the Establishment of Criteria for Defining a First-Class Bank.Additionally, the Decision on Risk Management was amended to permit banks to assign receivables from legal entities and entrepreneurs (due and not yet due) to other banks.
It should be noted that while the money will not be going into the escrow account, yet (the payment is not yet due), the Greenberg/Ryan group will make their required payment for deferred player compensation.
And it's not yet due to climate change: yes, we are indeed seeing potentially catastrophic impacts in terms of melting glaciers and so on, but those by themselves have not tempered the economic juggernaut.