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NYPNew York Post (tabloid)
NYPNanyang Polytechnic (tertiary institute in the Republic of Singapore)
NYPNew York-Presbyterian Hospital
NYPName Your Price
NYPNational Youth Project (various locations)
NYPNew York Press
NYPNot Yet Published
NYPNew York to Paris (Charles Lindbergh's 1927 flight/aircraft)
NYPNetwork of Young Professionals (various locations)
NYPNew Yorker Phantoms (German basketball team)
NYPNot Your Problem
NYPNew York Pennsylvania Station
NYPName Your Poison
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Any shots not yet published must be killed or substituted JAMES WOOLHOUSE CONDE NAST EXECUTIVE
Any shoots that have been commission[ed] or any shoots that have been completed but not yet published, should be killed and substituted with other material
The findings of the study are backed by separate research from the University of Sheffield, not yet published, which suggests that the costs of onshore and offshore wind power are being offset by the savings.
Although the project partners have not yet published estimates, DNV GL expect to see savings in the region of US$150 to $250 million for this type of project, which is up to 7% of the total project cost.
Lazo said they also noticed that a compny, the Omni Security Investigation Incorporated, had prior knowledge of the bidding for janitorial services even an invitation to bid was not yet published.
Dan Douglas, would exempt from the FOI preliminary academic research, such as analyses and data collected by universities but not yet published.
UKIP has not yet published a full manifesto for the 2015 Parliamentary elections, but be of no doubt it will reveal that UKIP supports much more privatisation of the NHS and policies which weaken the ability of trades unions to fully represent its members.
Meanwhile, The Bottom Line, the school's student government-associated newspaper funded by student fees, chose not to cover the story at all until two days later when it published an op-ed titled, "Why We Have Not Yet Published Anything on the Isla Vista Shooting.
Saudi Arabian officials reported on November 11, 2013, that they had found the virus in a camel owned by a Jeddah man who was infected, but they have not yet published a scientific report on the finding.
Perry's veto statement was not yet published but Davis said Perry believed the bill she passed with state Rep.
But the details of this agreement and the number of ministerial portfolios and positions obtained by the group are not yet published.