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NYRNew York Rangers
NYRNew Year's Resolution
NYRNot Yet Rated (dance group)
NYRNot Yet Returned
NYRNorthern York Region (Canada)
NYRNormalized One-Year Return Rate (TL 9000)
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References in classic literature ?
Salton had not yet returned home, so she felt free to enjoy the luxury of peace and quiet.
They had gone out for fresh meat early in the day, and had not yet returned.
Anne and Gilbert were away, and Susan, who was expected back that night, had not yet returned.
How unhappy he must be that I have not yet returned! I have been a bad son, and the Talking Cricket was right when he said that a disobedient boy cannot be happy in this world.
In the meantime all the ship's crew were anxiously awaiting him; the King's dinner would soon be finished, and their comrade had not yet returned. So the man with the marvellous quick hearing lay down and, putting his ear to the ground, listened.
King Richard was not yet returned from the Holy Land, but Prince John heard him with scorn.
Charley, almost at the commencement of the foregoing narrative, had galloped away, with a prodigious clatter, upon Grandfather's stick, and was not yet returned. So large a boy should have been ashamed to ride upon a stick.
Denisov had not yet returned. The weather had cleared up, and near the next hut two officers and a cadet were playing svayka, laughing as they threw their missiles which buried themselves in the soft mud.
Some hours have passed--and he has not yet returned."
On reaching London I drove to the Langham, and was informed that Captain Morstan was staying there, but that he had gone out the night before and had not yet returned. I waited all day without news of him.
Sowerberry had not yet returned, and Oliver continued to kick, with undiminished vigour, at the cellar-door.
has been spending the Easter with the Aylmers at Twickenham(as to be sure you know), and is not yet returned; and Julia is with the cousins who live near Bedford Square, but I forget their name and street.