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NYNew York (US postal abbreviation)
NYNot Yet
NYNew Year
NYNavy Yard
NYNeil Young (rock musician)
NYNot Yours
NYNorth Yorkshire
NYNorth York, Toronto Canada (old)
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References in classic literature ?
But "H'm," said I to myself, as she went to fetch my milk, "evidently not yours, my dear."
Her interest alone, and not yours, ought to be your sole consideration.
"Look here, mates," said Jerry; "the gentleman offered me half a crown extra, but I didn't take it; 'twas quite pay enough for me to see how glad he was to catch that train; and if Jack and I choose to have a quick run now and then to please ourselves, that's our business and not yours."
don't you see that Monty's existence breaks up that Syndicate - smashes it into tiny atoms, for you have sold what was not yours to sell, and they do not pay for that, eh?
For you are so young, and have such an honest look, that I am inclined to believe the mischief to have been his doing, and not yours."
"Upon my soul, I am not sure that it was not yours. You were always driving and riving and shouldering and passing, to that restless degree that I had no chance for my life but in rust and repose.
Don't be worried, I'm better now, and it is my fault I was ill, not yours; for I needn't have been so silly as to wait in the cold just because I said I would."
"And just remember one thing, Miss Mason: it's HIS leg, not yours."
When Fouquet perceived that sinister machine, he said to D'Artagnan, who cast down his eyes, ashamed of Louis XIV., "There is an idea that did not emanate from a brave man, Captain d'Artagnan; it is not yours. What are these gratings for?" said he.
The blame, if there is any blame, is mine, not yours.'
The risk of the housekeeper's rejecting me is my risk -- not yours. My good looks are sadly gone off, I know.
Thus you will yourself be able to manage your own inheritance, and to eat and drink in peace, while your mother will look after some other man's house, not yours.'"