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NZNew Zealand
NZAir New Zealand Limited (IATA airline code)
NZNeutral Zone
NZNet Zero (internet service provider)
NZNot Zero
NZNormal Acceleration (aviation)
NZNormal Load Factor (aviation)
NZNeo-Zeon (gaming, Gundam World)
NZNachtzug (German :night train)
NZNukeZone (game)
NZNon-Infarcted Zone (also seen as NIZ)
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When asked whether Reines could see Clinton giving the race for White House another shot, he said, "It's somewhere between highly unlikely and zero, but it's not zero."
"Our position is zero Turkish troops not zero troops," he said.
"I will do my best but although my confidence is not zero it is also not 100 per cent.
Mr Mazhar said: "Presently the system of zero rating is distorted and is actually not zero rating in true spirit.
"Margins are very tight if not zero at a craft level and I don't expect to be buying any flash cars with the proceeds of gin manufacture.
"It's dead and the chances of resurrecting it before we even bring it to a vote are very slim, if not zero, at least in this Congress," Drilon stressed.
Canally, Jr., CFA Chief Economic Strategist at LPL, the Leading Economic Index shows the risk of recession is low--but it's also not zero.
7 Pain from DIY machines is minimal, not zero. "Coarser hair absorbs more light, which you may more, and some areas more sensitive," says Nathalie.
When a woman said zero, then the chief minister said women take numbers in every field, they are not zero, upon which all the participants smiled.
The negative rate experiment suggests that the interest rate lower bound is not zero, but probably lower.
Again, although there is no treatment effect for non-heaped or heaped types, the estimates tend to suggest that the average treatment effect is not zero. The estimates display a sawtooth pattern, dropping to less than zero each time an additional pair of data heaps is added to the analysis sample and then climbing above zero again as additional non-heaped data are added.