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There is no hope of my being able to write back, for Magdalen expressly says that she is on the eve of departure from her present residence, and that she is not at liberty to say where she is going to next, or to leave instructions for forwarding any letters after her.
Quilp shook his head, and pursed up his lips, in a manner which implied that he knew very well, but was not at liberty to say.
I am, however, delighted to add that I have now an immediate prospect of something turning up (I am not at liberty to say in what direction), which I trust will enable me to provide, permanently, both for myself and for your friend Traddles, in whom I have an unaffected interest.
"I am not at liberty to say how I know it--but I DO know it."
"I thought it was a fair deal and it gives us an opportunity to expand," said Barros, who was not at liberty to say if any other sales are on the horizon for him.
He said: "A payroll went through over the weekend which is positive, although I'm not at liberty to say where the money came from.
The G3 shows are going to South America and Australia this year, but I'm not at liberty to say who we are bringing along just yet.
While he is not at liberty to say what they are, he says, "they are equally demanding in temperatures as wind generator, but with different loading." In addition, he comments, "When one has to push equipment to the limit, it's better to have a bearing that can take the stresses."
Orville Schell told me that he "is not at liberty to say from whom, or how, the documents were obtained." James Hoge Jr., the editor of Foreign Affairs, wrote regarding the problem of the time needed to transcribe these files, "The work was done by a number of persons at the behest of high level reformers." He explained further that the anonymous person who appeared on 60 Minutes and whom the experts debriefed was merely their designated deliverer.
Lilly, who was not part of the negotiations, said Wood was "talking to some people about some other employment, but I'm not at liberty to say who it is." He also didn't know whether the new job would put Wood back on a newscast seen in northeast Arkansas.
"We are following an enquiry from the public house but I am not at liberty to say exactly what was said."