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6) Like Spice, bath salts are marketed as not for human consumption in order to circumvent legal requirements as well as the FDA.
StarLink was approved for use as animal feed but not for human consumption because of concern it might cause allergic reactions.
StarLink, which is genetically engineered to contain the pesticide Bt in every cell, had been approved for animal feed but not for human consumption because of concerns about dangerous allergic reactions.
At issue is StarLink, a genetically-modified corn approved for industrial use and as feed but not for human consumption due to questions about whether it can cause allergic reactions.
The packaging was sprayed with a green dye to make it obvious that it was not for human consumption.
Some 40 cities now use reclaimed wastewater for urban nonpotable purposes, but not for human consumption.
legal highs Meow meow used to be sold legally, using the loophole of labelling it not for human consumption, but is now banned.
Although they were advertised as not for human consumption - sometimes sold as plant food or incense - highs were specifically designed to produce the same effects as illegal drugs, but to have a chemical make-up which was not specifically banned under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.
These reports of AKI following SC use are concerning given the worldwide distribution of SC products, which are "packaged in colorful wrappers designed to appeal to teens, young adults, and first-time drug users," according to an editorial note in the report, which also stated that SCs often are packaged with disingenuous labels claiming the products are not for human consumption, although it is widely known that they are smoked like marijuana.
liverpool for the latest and more Detective Chief Inspector Tracey Hayes said: "We urge people to be on their guard and not to eat or drink substances which are not for human consumption because they could prove extremely harmful or even fatal.
Our reporters have checked out a number of these head shops and despite packaging claiming the pills are not for human consumption, many shop-assistants told us they were safe to take.