References in classic literature ?
If I met a dozen individuals during that month who were not going to Europe shortly, I have no distinct remembrance of it now.
But I am remaining in Petersburg; I am not going away from Petersburg
Now that I've got you again I'm not going to let you go.
Now,' said Mr Garland when they had made some further inquiries of him, 'I am not going to give you anything--'
There can be no harm in your going here to-night and seeing for yourself that all is well with Tom, Jack, or Richard, before you go home - which is another reason for your not going home last night.
I'm NOT going to Redmond; and I AM going to stay here and teach.
Let that man know you are not going to endure his shillyshallying any longer.
I'll let John Douglas see I'm not going to be trodden on any longer.
Fans were concerned about whether we would play in Singapore but we are not going to change that.
I'm not going to sacrifice the future of our country, the unity of our country, I'm not going to give in to SNP demands around Trident, around the deficit or anything like that.
Zafreen Khaliq, 23, from Middlesbrough and works in Macro: "It's not going to happen so it's a very good idea.