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NOSNot Otherwise Specified
NOSNetwork Operating System
NOSNational Ocean Service (NOAA)
NOSNational Occupational Standards (UK)
NOSNitric Oxide Synthase
NOSNotice of Suspension (various meanings)
NOSNew Orleans Saints
NOSNosferatu (vampire reference)
NOSNewcastle-Ottawa Scale (public health quality assessment; Canada)
NOSNew Old Stock
NOSNotice of Sale
NOSNitrous Oxide System
NOSNational Osteoporosis Society (UK)
NOSNederlandse Omroep Stichting
NOSNever on Sunday
NOSNippon Office Systems (Japan)
NOSNational Orange Show (San Bernardino, CA)
NOSNetwork Operations Squadron (US Air Force)
NOSNational Open School
NOSNon Delay Overclocking System
NOSNetware Operating System
NOSnot Off Set
NOSNotes Object Services
NOSnot of Specific Origin
NOSNitro Oxide System
NOSNumber of Statements
NOSNumber Of Sectors
NOSNational Ocean Survey (NOAA)
NOSNature of Suit (legal)
NOSNatural Orifice Surgery (Transdouglas technique)
NOSNet One Systems (Japan)
NOSNew Orleans Square (Disneyland)
NOSNever Out of Stock
NOSNon-Oily Solid
NOSNo Other Symptoms
NOSNaval Ordnance Station
NOSNot on Shelf
NOSNATO Office of Security
NOSNot on Schedule
NOSNew Old Stuff
NOSNational Ocean Science
NOSNo One Survives (gaming team)
NOSNovell Operating System
NOSNetwork Optimization System (Sprint)
NOSNight Observation System
NOSNot One Scratch (condition of items for sale)
NOSNext on Stack
NOSNet Outside Sales
NOSNetwork Optimization Support (Cisco)
NOSNational Orthodox School (Amman, Jordan)
NOSNetwork Operations Specialist (Sprint)
NOSNotification of Sourcing
NOSNo Organism Seen (medical/microbiology reference)
NOSNuke On Sight
NOSNon Operational Primitive Sequence
NOSNon-Organic Substance
NOSContract for Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US Navy)
NOSNorthern Tropospheric Oxidants Study
NOSNaval Observatory Station (astronomy and astrophysics; Flagstaff, AZ)
NOSNetwork Operations Superintendent (railway specialist)
NOSNucleus of Spheres (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons)
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Steroid cell tumor not otherwise specified during pregnancy: a case report in a pregnant patient.
anorexia nervosa, n = 35; bulimia nervosa, n = 45; eating disorder not otherwise specified, n = 67, and binge eating disorder, n = 43) as well as nonclinical (i.
POPULATION STUDIED Participants in the studies included American Association of Retired Persons members (n=3783), patients of 32 Canadian Family Physicians (n=5003), patients in a single British general practice (n=153), patients aged 40 to 74 years not otherwise specified (n=634), and Veterans Affairs hospital patients (n=786).
When not otherwise specified, the data pertain to Experiment 1.
Diagnosed with "pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified," the author's son, Jeremy, slowly emerges from a world of obsessive play rituals, atypical language constructions, endless pacing, and lonely frustrations, with the help of passionate parental involvement and the kindness of a few open hearts.
The disagreement over what to call this behavior is apparent in the absence of sexual addiction from the current DSM; there is only the category "Sexual Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.
According to the company, the study included patients with glioblastomas, astrocytomas not otherwise specified, gliomas NOS, pilocytic astrocytomas and anaplastic astrocytomas.
Reference diagnoses included non-small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma, carcinoid tumor, and metastatic carcinoma not otherwise specified.
Over 6 years, the proportion of patients admitted with a diagnosis of eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS-Wt) increased from 8% (1 of 13) in 2005 to 47% (9 of 19) in 2009, compared with patients admitted with anorexia nervosa.
The DSM-5, published in 2013, redefined the autism spectrum to encompass the previous (DSM-IV-TR) diagnoses of autism, Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), childhood disintegrative disorder, and Rett syndrome.
They studied 55 outpatients aged between 13 and 19 years, with bipolar disorder I, II, or not otherwise specified (NOS).
The concern within the clinical and research field was that it was not possible to consistently break out autism, Asperger's disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified," said Dr.