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NTPNormal Temperature & Pressure
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NTPNational Toxicology Program (NIEHS)
NTPNutritional Therapy Practitioner (various organizations)
NTPNotice To Proceed
NTPNational Training Program (various organizations)
NTPNo Token Pass
NTPNatural Therapy Pages (resource; Australia)
NTPNational Training Programme (various organizations)
NTPNational Tuberculosis Programme (WHO)
NTPNational Trade Policy (various locations)
NTPNucleotide Triphosphate
NTPNorthern Territory Police (Australia)
NTPNortriptyline (tranquilizer and tricyclic antidepressant)
NTPNetwork Termination Point
NTPNew Telecom Policy (India)
NTPNeuroscience Training Program
NTPNot the Point
NTPNational Trade Productions (Alexandria, VA)
NTPNarcotic Treatment Program
NTPNeuronal Thread Protein
NTPNew-Tech Products GmbH (Germany)
NTPNational Toxicity Program (NIH)
NTPNational Toxicity Program
NTPNational Transportation Program
NTPName The Picture (website)
NTPNothing to Prove (band)
NTPNo Te Preocupes (Spanish: don't worry)
NTPNavy Training Plan
NTPNetwork Test Panel (US NASA)
NTPNational Talent Pool (Pakistan government)
NTPNippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NTPNational Technological Park (Ireland)
NTPNeed to Pee (also seen as N2P)
NTPNo Tengo Palabras (Spanish)
NTPNeighborhood Tree Program (Falls Church, VA)
NTPNational Teams Program
NTPNumerical Tokamak Project
NTPNational Tapered Pipe
NTPNaval Telecommunications Procedure
NTPNational Training Plan
NTPNurse Transition Program
NTPNetwork Topology Processor
NTPNaval Tactical Publication
NTPNice Try Partner (bridge card game)
NTPNational Tasking Plan
NTPNearest to Pin (golf)
NTPNone Too Pretty
NTPNavy Technological Projection
NTPNontobacco Premium (insurance)
NTPNavy Technology Projections
NTPNaval Threat Product
NTPNew Technology Partners (software; various locations)
NTPNaval Training Program
NTPNavigation & Targeting Pod
NTPNavy Tactical Program
References in classic literature ?
He is a fine-looking man--a very fine-looking man; though that is not the point that I should most have noticed had I been quite myself at the time.
No one thinks you a coward, but that's not the point.
But that's not the point," and he turned again to the general with whom he was talking seriously; "we mustn't forget that those who are taking part in the race are military men, who have chosen that career, and one must allow that every calling has its disagreeable side.
That's not the point,' said the doctor, mysteriously.
It has not been a fortunate name for me,' said Bella, colouring--'or at least it was not, until it led to my being here--but that is not the point in my thoughts.
Theproblem,ofcourse,isthat the clicking is not the point and, having clicked, people aren't staying - they're not reading, buying, watching,sharingordoingwhattheyclickedon.
5) Rory says, "The CHP is fond of saying vox populi is not vox Dei", then adds, "But that's not the point.
The child seems to like its lesson, but that is not the point.
Martian canals are not the point here, any more than are oceans or volcanoes on Venus, the possibility of asteroids with their own moons, the existence of planets orbiting other stars or any of the other intriguing topics that enrich planetary science.
It's tempting to link Shapero to artists like Pae White and Lucky DeBellevue, who similarly build labor-intensive installations, coaxing intricacy and wow-factor from humble craft materials, yet the decorative aspect of Shapero's work is not the point.
Now, this may have been a book and some tractor parts, but that is not the point.
So, big guns: think home security, remote thermostats, lighting and curtain controllers, call buttons, TV, smoke detectors and that sort of thing, These may all work perfectly well using current technology but that's not the point.