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* A twin T notch filter with a cutoff frequency 60 HZ is used to remove the powerline noise.
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For severe compressions of images "Minstrels" and "Wedding", the windowed-sinc filters (especially Blackman-Nuttall) have comparable performances with the others and even outperform the Notch filter and some of the polynomials.
Bakhshai, "Estimation of Power System Frequency using an Adaptive Notch Filter", IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol.
In our previous study, the adaptive notch filter with inverse model least mean square (ANF-IMLMS) algorithm, was proposed to control the powertrain disturbance.
Thus, the notch filter should have a very narrow bandwidth in order to suppress mainly the 50 Hz and its harmonic components, and not the useful information contained in the fECG spectrum.
The next advance was the introduction of notch filters, which are designed to reject a pre-selected wavelength band or region while transmitting all other wavelengths within the design range of the filter.
[9.] Rauscher, C., "Varactor-tuned active notch filter with low passband noise and signal distortion," IEEE Trans.
Frequency notch filtering is to detect the contaminated spot in range frequency domain and to process with a notch filter, whereas the frequency notch filtering will lead to the gap of signal spectrum.
Full closed loop control, auto notch filter, vibration suppression and gantry control functions all help in the execution of complex motions that require high precision and smooth operation.
Consoli, "UWB circular slot antenna provided with an inverted-L notch filter for the 5 GHz WLAN band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.