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This is the kind of thing I was dealing with in my viewing of Note to Self.
For my part, Note to Self was observed at times large and blurry, so I could experience the visual weight of real bodies, at times smaller and clearer, so I could observe more detail.
NOTE to self - try to remember v v good accent from previous Bridget Jones films.
If you don't believe me just check the oily patches on our ceiling ( note to self - do not approach pancake tossing in the future with the energy of Jessica Ennis and the skill and technique of Mr Blobby
Note to self, open a Chinese takeaway, I'd love a Merc.
a Note to self, must look out for a few of them in the cast this year.
A solo acoustic spot on the fragile Someone Told Me was breathtaking and was followed by Note To Self, a Dylan meets Beatles number that started small but saw the band join in halfway through.
So I threw said mag to the bin and made a mental note to self .
padraigamond21 - Dread to think what all these Germans are going to do to Ireland next week - Padraig Among tweets what we were all thinking during Bayern Munich's win over Manchester City @pskins1 - Note to self, don't smash a champagne bottle on the ground, fingers hanging off