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NTDNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Test Director
NTDN-Terminal Domain (proteins)
NTDNotice and Takedown
NTDNeural Tube Defect (neurology)
NTDNothing to Declare
NTDNeglected Tropical Diseases (World Health Organization)
NTDNothing To Do
NTDNational Transit Database
NTDNegative Tone Development (immersion lithography)
NTDNew Taiwan Dollar
NTDNew Tang Dynasty TV
NTDNational Trails Day
NTDNational Theater of the Deaf
NTDNeutron Transmutation Doping
NTDNorthern Telephone and Data (Oshkosh, WI)
NTDNew Theory of Disuse (psychology)
NTDNorwalk Transit District
NTDNth to Default (Note)
NTDNeurotransmitter Disorder
NTDNew Technologies Department (Datago, Ltd.; Israel)
NTDNon Transmissable Disease
NTDNational Transportation Database
NTDNational Tartan Day
NTDNeutral Tube Defect
NTDNoticiero Televisa Deportes (México)
NTDNon Tower Detergent
NTDNotice of Deposition
NTDNavy Telecommunications Directive (US Navy)
NTDNational Tax Database (UK)
NTDNote to Draft (denotes comments not intended for inclusion in legal document)
NTDNote to Director
NTDNicholas Tarr Designs
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Lawsuit aside, the suggestion has been made that perhaps it is time to modify the DMCA, particularly Section 512, which covers safe harbor and the notice and takedown process.
In this case, however, Lenz is claiming that Universal abused the DMCA notice and takedown process by not considering that her video was a fair use of Prince's song.
Notice and takedown issues pervade the social media world.
Twitter's and Facebook's policies and the YouTube dancing baby lawsuit illustrate the need for, challenges associated with, and limitations of the DMCA notice and takedown process.