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NTONederlandse Thuiswinkel Organisatie (Dutch: Dutch Home Shopping Organization)
NTONational Technology Officer
NTONew Take Off (automotive industry)
NTONew Tech Odessa (Odessa, TX)
NTONetwork Terminal Option
NTONitrotriazolone (explosive)
NTONotice to Owner
NTONational Training Organisation (UK)
NTONitrogen Tetroxide
NTONHRC (Naval Health Research Center) Travel Office
NTONorthern Orion Resources, Inc (stock symbol)
NTONational Tourism Organization
NTONational Tourist Office (hospitality industry)
NTONowa Trybuna Opolska (Polish: New Opole Tribune)
NTONontraditional Occupation
NTONo Technical Objection (where design authority has no objection to a proposed change)
NTONational Tax Office
NTONon-Testimonial Order (judicial action)
NTONetwork Tasking Order
NTONotice of Timber Operations
NTONevada Test Organization
NTONew Tyneside Orchestra (UK)
NTONetwork Terminal Operator
NTONew Tape-Out (integrated circuit foundry industry)
NTONatural Tapering Off (My Boys TV show)
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Both Conwy council's Penalty Charge Notice and Notice to Owner do not comply with the said Act with regard to content, and for these reasons are void and unenforceable.
Likewise with the 2003 statutory additions of a new mandated contract disclosure for every direct contract with owners, (7) an enhanced "warning" addressed to owners in the notice to owner form, (8) and a new "warning" required in the claim of lien form.
Therefore, regardless of the type of lien, before filing a Statement of Lien, a claimant must first provide statutory notice to the owner in the form of either a Notice to Owner (Prior to Performance) or a Notice to Owner (Unpaid Balance) Lien as appropriate.
Since both the notice to owner statute and the claim of lien statute allow some mistakes in detail without jeopardizing enforcement of the lien, the earlier court decisions gave meaning to this latitude by refusing to disallow the validity of the construction lien if there were no adverse consequences to the owner.
For projects on which the Notice to Owner applies, the statute protects an owner for payments made before that owner begins receiving notices from subcontractors or suppliers.
06(3)(d)1 provides that the affidavit must state that all lienors "who have timely served a notice to owner on the owner and the contractor" have been paid in full.
The three required notices are the Notice to Customer, Notice to Owner, and Claim of Lien.
A THE Notice to Owner should be served within six months of the ticket.
Any lienor who is not "in privity" with the owner must serve a Notice to Owner in order to have lien rights on a particular project.
Change requirement that the Notice to Owner must be in substantially the statutory form, to a requirement that it "may" be in the statutory form, but "must" have the information and warnings in the statutory form.
LAGOS States Government has through the State Task Force served a 21-day eviction notice to owners of mechanic workshops illegally sited under Oregun/Opebi link bridge, saying this done to pave way for the commencement of rehabilitation works of roads under the bridge.