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In addition, subject to certain limitations, the company may reduce the notional number of Class A shares underlying the Total Return Equity Swap transaction prior to the transaction's maturity.
The excess demand is therefore the difference between the notional number of persons in employment and the total number of persons in the labor force at the notional wage.
These nouns raise an obvious question: If English allows you to assign plural or singular status to a noun according to its notional number, shouldn't these words should be treated as plurals?
But in fact, not only is there a general tendency in English to use a singular verb after there, but the notional number of the phrase also suggests it should be treated as a singular verb.
On the matter of proportions of sponsorship that would be private and government assisted, a source at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), who offered background information, said that Alexander mentioned "only notional numbers" for the commitment and that the government would be "very flexible through time as the situation evolves."
Our understanding is that the reason for this relates to standards over time, rather than trying to achieve notional numbers of students achieving the different grades.