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NMNMNove Mesto Na Morave (Czech)
NMNMNouveau Musée National de Monaco (French: New National Museum of Monaco)
NMNMNové Mesto Nad Metují (Czech)
NMNMNot Much, Not Much (internet slang)
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Grant Ferguson will represent Britain in the elite men's race, but no rider will compete in the women's race at the championships, which take place in Nove Mesto na Morave from June 29 to July 3.
He was pulled from his first World Cup race in Nove Mesto na Morave in the central Czech Republic after a crash gashed his arm, resulting in stitches, and he watched the hometown hero cross the finish line.
--49[degrees]33'13.785"N, 16[degrees]424.703"E / Nove Mesto na Morave 2 / MEg61.4
The measuring point Nove Mesto na Morave 2 was chosen for the simulation of signal coverage with repeater.