NOVIBNederlandse Organisatie voor Internationale Bijstand (Dutch: Netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation)
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The project was implemented by Oxfam Novib in Pakistan in partnership with the Swedish International Development Agency.
This is evident by the magnitude of differences between the VIB and NOVIB conditions, which remained small regardless of the variable.
In the next six year 1566 CPI schemes were completed with the resources of BADP and MVSP and limited funds from novib for charsadda.
The Universal Access to the Female Condom (UAFC) Joint Programme is a collaboration between Oxfam Novib, the World Population Foundation, IDA Solutions, and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to make female condoms widely available through support for advocacy, programming and research.
Subsequently, Oxfam Novib and the Conseil Regional des Organisations Non Gouvermentales de Development au Maniema (CRONGD) started a pilot project of the Social Cohesion/DDR program with activities directed towards sensitizing for a voluntary disarmament.
It was funded by Oxfam Novib and supported by Nisaa Institute for Women's Development.
Jaber Wishah, Deputy Director of PCHR, stated that this course is part of a 3-year project, funded by the European Union and Oxfam Novib, whose goal is to raise awareness and respect of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
By 1994, there were eighty participating organizations in thirteen countries, along with NOVIB representatives and women from other Dutch organizations.
Proceedings of the First National Workshop of Novib Partners (Forum on Sustainable Land Use).
The CFPR/TUP programme was funded by a donor consortium which includes: Canadian International Development Agency, UK Department for International Development, European Commission, NOVIB, and World Food Programme].
Experiencias de Planificacion de Genero en el Desarrollo, NOVIB y Red Entre Mujeres, Lima.