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NGVNatural Gas Vehicle
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NGVNozzle Guide Vane (static vane in the hot section of a gas turbine)
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Acronyms BPF: Blade passing frequency hp: High pressure NGV: Nozzle guide vane VRI: Vane-rotor interactions SST: Sheer stress transport.
The dilution air bypasses the combustion zone and mixes into the combustion gas upstream of the nozzle guide vane through dilution holes.
The IP turbine capacity is achieved by a small machine skew to the existing IP nozzle guide vane. The rotor blade is also now specified in single-crystal material to enhance life at increased temperatures.
Following the initial performance runs the first engine was dismantled, the coated components were installed and six windows were mounted on the engine enabling optical access to the main hot end components including the combustion chamber inner flame tube, nozzle guide vanes and the turbine rotor blades.
Sukhatme, "Influence of upstrean flow conditions on the heat transfer to nozzle guide vanes," Journal of Turbomachinery, vol.
Radial turbines with nozzle guide vanes have found a wide application in diesel engine turbochargers and a lesser extent in small gas turbine engines.
The ash is so fine that it will invade the spaces between rotating machinery and jam them [ETH] silica in ash melts at about 1,100 degrees and fuses to turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes (another part of the turbine assembly), which in modern aircraft operate at 1,400 degrees.
Analysis of intraplant accountability documentation concerning formation and dynamics of accumulation of cast waste in production of cast GTE parts (rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes, struts, fairings, etc.) on the basis of SE <<Zorya--Mashproekt>> was carried out.
Max-Tek introduces the HGC 400 Horizontal CBN grinding center with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capability for applications in aerospace and power generation, including gas turbine blades, vanes, nozzle guide vanes, and shroud segments.