NRACNaval Research Advisory Committee
NRACNational Register of Access Consultants (UK)
NRACNortheastern Regional Aquaculture Center
NRACNational Rural Advisory Council
NRACNatural Resource Analysis Center (West Virginia University)
NRACNatural Resources Audit Council (Australia)
NRACNonmonotonic Reasoning, Action, and Change
NRACNorth Rockhampton Athletics Centre (Australia)
NRACNational Research Advisory Council (Department of Veterans Affairs)
NRACNorthern Rural Area Committee
NRACNaval Reserve Accession Course (formerly NPSAC)
NRACNederlands-Russisch Archiefcentrum
NRACNational Resource Allocations Committee
NRACNatural Resource Assistance Council
NRACNicolet Recreation Advisory Committee
NRACNew River Arts Council
NRACNew River Alliance of Climbers
NRACNeighborhood Resources Advisory Committee
NRACNational Register Advisory Committee
NRACNational Radiation Advisory Committee (Australia)
NRACNatural Resource Assistance Councils
NRACNuclear Research Advisory Council (UK)
NRACNoise Research Advisory Committee
NRACNavy Retargetable ATLAS Compiler
NRACNisqually Regional Arts Council
NRACNotional Recall Alert Center
NRACNestle Rowntree Athletic Club
NRACNational Refractory Angina Centre (UK; est. 1996)
NRACNational Repository Advisory Committee (Australia)
NRACNissan Rent A Car
NRACNational Resettlement Assessment Committee (United Nations)
NRACNSW Resources Audit Council (AUSDEC)
NRACNorthern Regional Advisory Council
NRACNational Refrigeration and Airconditioning Council (Australia)
NRACNaval Requirements Analysis Committee
NRACNaval Research Advisory Council
NRACNational Rent-A-Computer
NRACNon-Residents' Affairs Committee
NRACNatural Resource Advisors' Conference
NRACNational Recall Alert Center (Washington, DC)
NRACNATO Requirements and Criteria
NRACNational Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration
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'The NRAC will complete initial report of project's phase-I by Dec 25,' Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad told newsman after the signing ceremony at the railways headquarters here on Tuesday.
Evaluation of the innate immune response has been examined using flow cytometry to assess hemocytes freshly collected from juvenile uninfected, cultured clams from Massachusetts (NRAC Annual Report, July 1, 2006 through August 31, 2008).
In the in-elastic region, the load deflection curve of NC, NRAC and RAC changes behavior randomly.
(48.) Naval Research Advisory Committee, Science and Technology for Naval Warfare 2015-2020, Report NRAC 05-3 (Washington, D.C.: August 2005), p.
He used to attend a special clinic run by Professor Chester, along with the other members of NRAC, at Broadgreen.
The previous article in this series discussed the legislation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAC) and the new statutory health practitioner regulatory arrangements that will replace state or territory based regulation (Wardle 2010).
Pelos coeficientes canonicos da Tabela 3 (correlacao total, r=0,76), plantulas de mamoneira, do hibrido Sara, que apresentam maior CE14, menor SPAD7 e maior CH7, originam plantas com as seguintes caracteristicas de producao: maior NCAPRAC, menor COMPRAC, maior REND e maior NRAC. Os resultados observados, para o hibrido Sara, demonstraram que plantulas maiores de mamoneira, embora apresentem menor SPAD7, influenciam positivamente as variaveis de producao da cultura.
[6.] Regenstein JM Processing and marketing aqua cultured fish: 1992; NRAC Fact sheet No.
Knowsley North MP George Howarth praised Broad green hospital's award-winning National Refractory Angina Centre (NRAC) during a parliamentary debate yesterday.
John Young, representing the Naval Research Advisory Committee (NRAC).