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NRBNatural Resources Board
NRBNational Religious Broadcasters
NRBNepal Rastra Bank
NRBNil Rate Band (inheritance tax; UK)
NRBNext Reference Block
NRBNero Cdrom Boot
NRBNon-Resident Bangladeshi
NRBNational Reconstruction Bureau (Pakistan)
NRBNational Review Board
NRBNational Research Bureau
NRBNeedle Roller Bearing
NRBNuclear Receptor-Binding (endocrinology)
NRBNile River Basin
NRBNon-Regulated Business
NRBNot Required Back
NRBNational Reservation Bureau Inc
NRBNo Reason Boner
NRBNavy Reservation Bureau (US Navy)
NRBNaval Repair Base (US Navy)
NRBNeed Response By
NRBNon Re-Breather (mask used in anesthesia)
NRBNon-Conformance Review Board
NRBNon-Returnable Bottle
NRBNeutral Red Bioassay
NRBNightmare River Band (music group)
NRBNootka Resource Board (Gold River, BC, Canada)
NRBNational Repair Bureau (Sprint application)
NRBNeighbourhood Renewal Board (UK)
NRBNetwork Relationship Banking
NRBNonrejoining Break (DNA strand)
NRBNaval Rolled Brass (tubesheet material used in shell-and-tube condensers and heat exchangers)
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The NRB generally releases the Monetary Policy a month after presenting the budget in parliament.
He is the founder president of Bangladesh Business Council in Dubai and the NRB CIP Association in Bangladesh.
Horizon North purchased all of the outstanding shares of NRB Canada for USD 16.5m, payable in a mix of common shares of Horizon North and cash.
Horizon North Logistics Inc (TSX:HNL.TO) disclosed on Tuesday that it signed a binding purchase and sale agreement to acquire NRB Inc (Canada) (NRB Canada), a full-service modular construction provider based in Grimsby, Ontario.
Finance tends to be centred in London, where these good habits become ingrained and passed onto each new start-up, but at NRB we felt strongly that being based up here shouldn't be a disadvantage.
The decision to ban these notes has come a time when the NRB has requested the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) arequesting the latter to allow Nepal to use currency notes with all denominations.
The Solarz document later turned out to be a hoax as shown by the NRB findings, but the local and international media deliberately obfuscated the NRB official report.
The NRB has not changed since 2009 and is fixed at GBP 325,000 until 2021.
The NRB has been frozen at PS325,000 per person since 2009, although potentially any unused percentage on death could be transferred to a surviving spouse or civil partner (giving PS650,000 in total, depending on personal circumstances).
And like NAB, NRB believes moving closer to Capitol Hill is the wise choice.
As per un-audited half yearly accounts of EBL NRB Mutual Fund, EPU was Tk.
"We wanted to make our message available to as many viewers as possible," said Allen Beckner, Director of Channel Distribution, NRB TV.