NS2Name Server Two
NS2Network Simulator Two
NS2Network Survivability - Double Link Failure
NS2Narrow Sheath-2 (botany)
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The values of [absolute value of ([Z.sub.7])] for ST1 and ST2 are magnified by multiplying by a factor of [10.sup.8] and NS1, NS2, TS1, TS2, TCS1, and TCS2 are magnified by a factor of [10.sup.6].
To make detailed descriptions to these related parameters, we use NS2 and myEvalvid tools as simulation platform to obtain the transmission results.
In the following, we use the same NS2 [29] simulation settings and network topology of Section 2 to analyze the throughput performance of TCP Reno, SACK, and Westwood.
Finally, the proposed model has been fully implemented in NS2. This NS2 script, which allows a wide range of tests, is offered to the research community.
While the NS2 found wide acceptance, it raised awareness of the benefits that a small, reliable non-spill coupling can bring to a device or machine.
3 sources, 3 intermediate nodes and 3 receptors; the topology will be implemented in the NS2 software to verify the performance of both integrated and differentiated services.
Placing NS2 next to the polymerase gene slowed its function, interfering with the virus' replication.
Principle of NS2. In this study, the NS2 network emulator is adopted for performance verification [13].
PIM-DM uses RPF (Reverse path forwarding) to prevent looping of multicast datagrams while flooding and if some areas of the network do not have group members, PIM-DM will prune off the forwarding branch by instantiating prune state [9] as done in NS2 TCL as,
In this paper, we use the network simulator NS2 which is based on the UC Berkeley, and do the experimental simulations for the geometry-based AODV routing protocol (G-AODV).
O'Neill, R.E.,Talon,J., Palese, P., 1998.The influenza virus NEP(NS2 protein) mediates the nuclear export of viral ribonucleoproteins.
Table 1 TCI-R descriptive, means comparison for sex and alpha All (n= 928) Facets and scales r Age Items M SD [alpha] NS1.Exploratory exctability -.25 10 31.77 4.94 .49 NS2.Impulsiveness -.12 9 23.05 5.56 .69 NS3.Extravagance -.16 9 27.73 4.18 .72 NS4.Disorderliness -.36 7 19.40 4.41 .51 NS.