NUCSNuclear Medicine
NUCSNorth Utah County Soccer
NUCSNational Union of Christian Schools
NUCSNational Upland Classic Series (dogs; Blaine, TN)
NUCSNorwich Union Central Services (UK)
NUCSNuclear Capability Server (U.S. DoD Modeling & Simulation of Nuclear Events)
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What sets the new Intel(r) NUCs (powered by 4th Generation Intel(r) Core processors) apart from their predecessors is the native support for 2.
90 percent of the walking distances to the NUCs were less than 670 meters (Masoumi, 2012b).
NUCs need to be considered and discussed with the patient (Table 6).
NUCs can be thought of as a world currency, not pertaining to any one country or currency.
TMC-114 is another very exciting drug in the Protease Inhibitor class--particularly for people who are triple-class experienced and have developed some resistance patterns to currently available non-nucs, nucs and PIs (protease inhibitors).
dollars (the country in which travel begins) and NUCs.
Belden (941) 696-4359 Daily Pacifican (AFWES PAC 1945-46): Robert Ruth (520) 855-0635 First Surface Nucs Class 59 (nuclear power school): C.
The five new chips will appear in notebooks from Dell and HP, plus new Intel NUCs.
From All-in-One to NUCs and other slim PCs, what was the "desktop PC" has become a range of options, giving you lots of choices for your home PCs.
These Intel NUCs are designed as essential building blocks for the thin client market.
Having loaded the nucs (nucleus--a small colony of bees) inside my SUV, I drove home very early in the morning, sweating the fact that several bees had hitchhiked on the outside of the nucs and were now angrily buzzing at the back window of my car toward the rising sun.