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Histopathology demonstrated Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), Fuhrman nuclear grade 2.
Many prognostic factors have been defined for RCC including tumor stage, nuclear grade, type of histology, surgical margin, patient complaints, and performance status (17).
Given that the expression of miR-375 was significantly associated with the Fuhrman nuclear grade, we wondered whether miR-375 might play a vital role in the aggressive behavior of ccRCC cells.
(12) proposed some criteria for malignant glomus tumors: deep location, size greater than 2 cm, atypical mitosis, or high mitotic activity (5 mitoses/50 HPF) with moderate-to-high nuclear grade. Although the gastric site was accepted as a deep location in the past, it was understood that there are serious differences between gastric glomus and deep peripheral soft-tissue glomus tumors.
Patients with diffuse form of gastric cancer appeared to have higher nuclear grade (p = 0.001), while patients with intestinal form of gastric cancer mostly had lower nuclear grade (Table 1).
Histology revealed clear-cell RCC, 2.2 cm in size, and Fuhrman nuclear grade 3 for the tumor of the upper pole (pT1a), with negative surgical margins and clearcell RCC, 5.5 cm in size, and Fuhrman nuclear grade 2 for the tumor of the lower pole (pT1b).
High risk features Size > 5 cm Infiltrative growth pattern High nuclear grade and cellularity Mitotic rate > 1/50 HPF Necrosis Vascular invasion Benign No high risk features Uncertain malignant potential 1 high risk feature including size [greater than or equal to] 5 cm, nuclear pleomorphism, or multinucleated giant cell Malignant 2 or more high risk features
Data regarding the prognostic factors including patient's age, body mass index (BMI), TS (cm), ki-67 score (%), ER, PR, c-erb-2 receptor status, molecular classification (MC) (LA, LB, Her-2 and TNBC) data, histopathological diagnosis, nuclear grade status (Modified Bloom Richardson), mALNscount (pN1, pN2, pN3), LVI, and the methods of operation were recorded.
We demonstrate enhanced fecal concentration of Gal-3 in CRC patients with higher nuclear grade, poor tumor tissue differentiation, advanced TNM stage, and metastatic disease, while predomination of Gal-3 over proinflammatory cytokines in patients with advanced TNM stage and metastatic disease.
In our study, Fuhrman's nuclear grade 2 was the most common, seen in 59.2% of RCC.
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