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NRPNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Research Park
NRPNeonatal Resuscitation Program
NRPNational Response Plan
NRPNational Reading Panel (US Department of Education)
NRPNational Registry Paramedic (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)
NRPNational Research Program
NRPNatural Resources Police (Maryland)
NRPNational Religious Party (Israeli Political Party)
NRPNationally Registered Paramedic (various organizations)
NRPNeighbourhood Renewal Programme (various locations)
NRPNevis Reformation Party (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
NRPNon-Removable Pin (construction plans; hinge type)
NRPNon-Resident Parent
NRPNorwich Research Park (UK)
NRPNational Reconciliation Party (Gambia)
NRPNational Reform Party
NRPNissan Revival Plan (Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.)
NRPNeighborhood Revitalization Plan (various locations)
NRPNational Republican Party (Sierra Leone)
NRPNon-Unit-Related Personnel (US DoD)
NRPNew Renaissance Party (political party; Japan)
NRPNational Radio Project (Oakland, CA)
NRPNode Route Processor
NRPNational Route Program (US FAA)
NRPNational Reconnaissance Program (US)
NRPNew Rights Party (Georgia)
NRPNetwork Resource Planning
NRPNew Republic Party (South Africa)
NRPNavio da República Portuguesa
NRPNational Recycling Partnership (Washington, DC)
NRPNegotiation and Resource Reservation Protocol
NRPNylon Reinforced Plastic
NRPNon Resident Pakistani
NRPNeeds-Related Payment
NRPNormal Rated Power
NRPNetwork Routing Processor (Cisco)
NRPNormalized Received Power
NRPNuclear Reactor Plant
NRPNavigation Reference Point
NRPNet Rating Point
NRPNAVAIR Reserve Program
NRPNet Retail Price
NRPNationality Rooms Program
NRPNational Roaming Partner (UMTS)
NRPNon-Regional Pronunciation
NRPNational Release Point (used in CTL ACTD program)
NRPNested Reservation Protocol
NRPNonregistered Publication
NRPNetwork Radio Protocol
NRPNon-Ranger Personnel
NRPNeutral Range Pressure
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Detroit Edison broke ground on Fermi 1 in 1956, constructing the nuclear reactor plant on the shores of Lake Erie in Monroe County's Frenchtown Charter Township.
The team executes and oversees the NAVSUP WSS - DLA Land and Maritime Performance Based Agreement that establishes stringent standards for the supply support of DLA managed nuclear reactor plant material and advocates for the Fleet customer.
He said the ministry instructed the agency to promptly report how it arrived at the latest measurements of the strength of concrete walls at the Fugen nuclear reactor plant.
Google Earth, for instance, does not give a high-resolution satellite imagery of Mossad's headquarters, the Dimona nuclear reactor plant in the Negev Desert and other important Israeli military facilities.
In fact, some states that have nuclear reactor plants offer free potassium iodide tablets to their residents as a precautionary measure in the event of a nuclear emergency.
We respectfully request that your staff review the enclosures and determine if the nuclear reactor plants involved are adequately secure from attack," they wrote in the letter, asking the Senate to request that the NRC temporarily shut down the plants if they are not secure.
In East Russia, about 600 miles away from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactor plants, residents are said to be in a panic, stockpiling food, medicine and facemasks, disregarding their government's assurances that there is nothing to fear.
The devastating natural disaster triggered alerts across the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' and prompted fears of a nuclear leak following an explosion in one of Japan's nuclear reactor plants.
The plutonium, which originally was intended for research and development of new-generation fuel elements for nuclear reactor plants, belonged to the Swiss Confederation.
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