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NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission (US government)
NRCNational Research Council Canada
NRCNational Research Council (various countries)
NRCNational Resource Center
NRCNorwegian Refugee Council
NRCNorwegian Refugee Council (Oslo, Norway)
NRCNursing Reference Center (resource)
NRCNational Recycling Coalition
NRCNoise Reduction Coefficient
NRCNokia Research Center
NRCNutrition Research Center
NRCNational Response Center
NRCNational Research Center
NRCNumerical Recipes in C (programming library)
NRCNuclear Research Center
NRCNature Reviews Cancer (American Association for Cancer Research)
NRCNational Red Cross
NRCNational Racing Calendar (USA Cycling)
NRCNorthern Regional College (UK)
NRCNo Re-Run Character
NRCNetwork Reliability Center
NRCNeighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
NRCNational Rehabilitation Center (various locations)
NRCNatural Resource Conservation
NRCNational Research Corporation
NRCNational Research Centre (various countries)
NRCNestle Research Centre (various locations)
NRCNonprofit Resource Center (various locations)
NRCNATO-Russia Council
NRCNational Republican Convention (Nigerian political party)
NRCNon-Recurring Charge (Sprint)
NRCNational Reading Campaign
NRCNoise Rating Curve
NRCNational Regulatory Commission
NRCNieuwe Rotterdamse Courant (now called NRC Handelsblad)
NRCNet Replacement Cost
NRCNatural Resource Community
NRCNational Reference Centre
NRCNegotiated Rulemaking Committee
NRCNational Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness (Delmar, New York)
NRCNon-Recurring Cost
NRCNicaraguan Red Cross (est. 1934)
NRCNon-Unit-Related Cargo (US DoD)
NRCNetwork Reliability Council (FCC)
NRCNichols Research Corporation
NRCNational Replacement Character (character sets)
NRCNational Revenue Center
NRCNurses for the Rights of the Child
NRCNational Recycling Congress
NRCNatural Resources College
NRCNMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) Receptor Complex (amino acids)
NRCNobody Really Cares
NRCNational Rainbow Coalition (Kenya)
NRCNorton Radstock College (UK)
NRCNational Reformation Council (Sierra Leone military group)
NRCNational Research Center for Women & Families (Washington, DC, USA)
NRCNational Racing Compact
NRCNatural Resources Camp (various locations)
NRCNuclear Research Corporation
NRCNew Rheocasting (metals technology)
NRCNational Recycling Council
NRCNormal Retinal Correspondence
NRCNavy Reserve Center
NRCNonrecurring Cost
NRCNational Reconditioning Center
NRCNetwork Research Corporation
NRCNational Repair Center
NRCNewton Resource Center (Boston College)
NRCNoise Reduction Circuit
NRCNational Referral Centre
NRCNational Ramah Commission
NRCNeilson Research Corporation (Medford OR)
NRCNew Reflections Counseling, Inc. (Lebanon, Ohio)
NRCNonreusable Container
NRCNational Register of Chemicals
NRCNon Routine Card (aviation maintenance)
NRCNumber of Root Classes
NRCNonrinsing Conditioner
NRCNational Redemption Council of Ghana
NRCNarcotics Recovery Center
NRCNonrecurring Recoupment Charge
NRCNearly Robust Code
NRCNon Resetting Counter
NRCNice Red Canasta (gaming)
NRCNon-Reconfigurable Cell
NRCNon-Resident Client
NRCNon-Repayable Credits
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The federal government and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are currently promoting legislation to renew interest in nuclear power and encourage the development of more new nuclear power plants for the first time since the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979.
In early April, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission received a memo from its Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste describing the faults.
InfoZen is also expanding its strategic work with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission through a new contract to support the development of a Knowledge Management System to review New Reactor Applications.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Administration Publications Branch Washington, D.
Believe it or not, within hours of the initial news reports of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asking all 68 other plants like the one near Toledo, Ohio, (Davis-Besse) to take steps to inspect and, if necessary, mitigate any problems, people who get paid mucho bucks to watch wholesale natural gas and electricity prices already saw the gas prices creeping upward.
Last summer, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) imposed tariffs on reactors used for nonprofit research and training: $62,000 in annual licensing' fees and additional charges for radioisotopes used in research and medicine.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) today issued an order detailing an expedited schedule that anticipates a licensing decision for USEC Inc.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking public comment on a proposal to streamline and clarify the NRC's process for addressing petitions for rulemaking.
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has pledged to offer Jordan with 100 specialized training courses in nuclear safety, monitor, and control.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Thursday ordered a San Fernando company to stop some shipments of radioactive materials because of concerns that the packages might break open in a transportation accident.
To deal with the potential danger, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the government agency responsible for nuke safety, is taking action--not to force utilities to fix the problem, but to ease the rules so the nukes can stay open without being repaired.
A federal regulation known as the waste-confidence rule specifies that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission can actually shut down plants if it cannot ascertain that the government has an ongoing waste-disposal program, Kraft explains.
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