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NAATNucleic Acid Amplification Techniques
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This screening procedure is a justifiable compromise among competing factors: the sensitivities of nucleic acid amplification technique assays, the diagnostic window period, and delay in delivery of the PC supply.
Blood samples were collected from 26 cadavers in London and the surrounding area as part of a study to investigate the inhibition of nucleic acid amplification techniques for bloodborne viruses in tissue samples (6).
Additional testing such as nucleic acid amplification techniques for specified viruses and reverse transcriptase assays for retroviruses should complement nonspecific tests.
Nucleic acid amplification techniques increase sensitivity dramatically while still retaining a high specificity.
SDA is another non-PCR nucleic acid amplification technique, developed in 1991 [145, 146].
Although swab samples placed into viral transport media may allow nucleic acid amplification techniques or culture of non-fastidious agents to be carried out, such specimens are not very conducive to successful rapid electron microscopy diagnosis of lesion exudates because of dilution effects and interfering components.