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One nucleoporin protein in particular has an unanticipated function in the formation of neurons from stem cells.
In the new work, the researchers focused on one particular nucleoporin called Nup153, which is known to rapidly move on and off of the nuclear pore complex, suggesting it might be doing something other than providing structural support to the pore.
Each nucleoporin likely targets a different set of genes, and some might activate the genes rather than repress them.
Mutations in many nucleoporin genes has been linked to human diseases and developmental disorders, including some forms of leukemia and inherited heart problems.
The nucleoporin Nup153 regulates embryonic stem cell pluripotency through gene silencing.
The simple fact is that nucleoporins are more than just transport proteins.
The 30 varieties of nucleoporins are typically part of nuclear pore complexes, giant structures that connect the inside of a cell's nucleus to the outer cytoplasm.
This study not only revealed a critical function for nucleoporins in mediating the undifferentiated state of embryonic stem cells by silencing neural genes, it also introduced new mechanistic directions for elucidating the role of these proteins during mammalian development.
The antibody to nucleoporin p62 (p62, 1: 1,000, rabbit) was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (MO, USA).
III] Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2 CCL2 Cell-cell signaling Collagen, type I, alpha 1 COL1A1 Extracellular matrix Connexin 43 GJA1 Cell-cell signaling GATA binding protein 6 GATA6 Transcription factor activity Insulin-like growth factor IGFBP5 Regulation of binding protein 5 cell growth Integrin, beta 3 ITGB3 Cell-matrix adhesion Matrix metalloproteinase 2 MMP2 Metallopeptidase activity Myosin, light polypeptide kinase MYLK Protein kinase activity Nucleoporin 88 kDa NUP88 Nuclear pore Protein kinase C, alpha PRKCA Cell proliferation Homo sapiens PAC clone RP5-1057Ml Unknown from 7, complete sequence [MMA.