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Igualmente poco seguro es el contexto arqueologico y de implantacion de la laja o estela de Echauri (Beguiristain, 1983; Nuin, 1988/1989), que presenta, en pintura negra y roja, puntos y lineas, y junto a ellos formas que pudieran interpretarse como zoomorfos--como una posible ave y formas pectiniformes que algunos autores (Acosta, 1968) vinculan con esquematizaciones de zoomorfos--, ademas de una posible herradura.
The accused - Ciaron O'Reilly, 46, Damian Moran, 25, Nuin Dunlop, 34, Karen Fallon, 35, and 36-year-old Deirdre Clancy - had all pleaded not guilty.
North American Ogham: Celtic Wisdom for the Prairies & Central Plains OGHAM CELTIC CENTRAL PLAINS Beith Silver Birch River Birch Betula pmdula Betula nigra Luis Rowan Red Cedar Sorbus aucuparia Juniperus virginiana Nuin Ash Redbud (Nion) Fraxinus excelsior Cercis canadensis Fearn Alder Red Maple Alnus glutinosa Acer rubrum Saille Willow Willow Salix spp.
And he'll be in Ireland to lend support to Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran and Ciaron O'Reilly who go on trial in Dublin for disabling the warplane at Shannon in February 2003.
They are Ciaron O'Reilly, 45, and Damien Moran, 25, both of South Circular Road, Rialto, Nuin Dunlop, 34, of Walkinstown Road, Dublin, Karen Fallon, 34, of South Circular Road, Rialto and 35-year-old Deirdre Clancy, of Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin.
Imazulutoo has strong claims to being the best juvenile hurdler in the country after winning his last three starts and he can prove it nuin the Denny Juvenile Hurdle on St Stephen's Day.
The five accused are student priest Damien Moran, Australian Ciaran O'Reilly, Scottish marine biologist Karen Fallon, Nuin Dunlop, a counsellor from the US, and journalist Deirdre Clancy.
Australian Ciaran O'Reilly, who along with Moran and Scottish-born Karen Fallon from South Circular Road, Rialto Dublin, American Nuin Dunlop, from Central Dublin and Deirdre Clancy, from Clontarf, Dublin deny damaging the plane.
Sheen later met peace activists Nuin Dunlop and Damien Moran who were arrested at Shannon Airport for allegedly damaging a US Navy jet.