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H0Null Hypothesis
H0Half Zero (common model railway gauge)
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In first part, named as "January versus other months", the p-values for testing the null hypothesis that [H.sub.0]: X [>.sub.s] Y, that is, the target month stochastically dominates over non-target months at sth order, are given.
In this example, a Type I error would be incorrectly concluding that the null hypothesis was false and that frequency of dermatitis differed between the groups, that is the curcumin did something when, if truth be known, it didn't.
While the null hypothesis could be rejected for both the deposit rate and FCF according to the results of the five tests, where they tend to be stationary, other test results for the other variables are mixed.
For example, when we compute the Bayes Factor for [H.sub.0] to [H.sub.1] (B[F.sub.01]), we are finding the odds favouring the null hypothesis against the alternative [P([H.sub.0]|D) / P([H.sub.1]|D)].
[4] For a given study, the larger the [delta], the harder to reject the null hypothesis, as reflected in the sample size formula in (2) and (3) below.
However, as the p-value is less than 5 percent, hence we reject the null hypothesis and concluded that all the variables are jointly significant.
The results of the null hypothesis condition with eight DIF items are shown in Figure 1.
Therefore the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference of morale of education, psychology, mass communication, economics, international relations, management sciences and computer sciences university teachers is rejected.
Although perhaps intuitively attractive, it is quite incorrect to interpret a p value as the probability that the null hypothesis is true, given the evidence expressed in the observed test statistic (e.g., Ambaum 2010).
H0: Null Hypothesis; there is no significant difference in the indirect tax as percentage of GDP over the three periods.
First, let's think about the null hypothesis. If the null hypothesis is true, in the case of the study by Finn and co-authors (2016), there would be the same number of falls before CPNB use compared to after nerve blockade was used.