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NUMANon Uniform Memory Access
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Architecture
NUMANon Uniform Memory Architecture
NUMANational Underwater Marine Agency
NUMAN User Map Archive
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Allocation (Sequent)
NUMANational Urban Maori Authority (est. 1986; New Zealand)
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They would have baffled an ordinary man; but the ape-man, accustomed to climbing, saw several places where he might gain a foothold, precarious possibly; but enough to give him reasonable assurance of escape if Numa would but betake himself to the far end of the gulch for a moment.
But even as he turned the matter over in his mind Numa turned suddenly and walked majestically toward the tunnel without even a backward glance.
With the agility of a cat Tarzan ran up the cliff for thirty feet before he paused, and there finding a secure foothold, he stopped and looked down upon Numa who was leaping upward in a wild and futile attempt to scale the rocky wall to his prey.
Turning, he trotted quickly back to the outer opening of Numa's tunnel.
If you can reach that tree before he discovers you, you will have several days longer in which to enjoy life and then--when you are too weak to cling longer to the branches of the tree Numa, the man-eater, will feed again for the last time." He pushed Schneider from his foothold to the ground below.
As he trailed Akut he kept an eye cocked over one shoulder, rearward, in the hope that Numa might rise from his kill and reveal himself.
The panther tore and rent Numa upon the right, while the ape-man struck home with his stone knife upon the other, so that before the mighty clawing of the king of beasts had succeeded in parting the rope he hung quite dead and harmless in the noose.
System designers are using NUMA to increase processor speed without increasing the load on the processor bus in recent years.
Vem dai o fato de a traducao ser tomada como o modelo de toda e qualquer criacao literaria, no qual a experiencia da literatura e sempre a experiencia de uma repeticao inaugural, como afirma Lacoue-Labarthe numa entrevista que tem como ponto de partida as traducoes por ele realizadas de Holderlin para o frances.
Ao colocar-se no lugar do outro, o livro apresenta-se como um jogo permanente entre o "eu" Brasil e o "outro" America Latina (numa especie de sintese--"nos").
Argumenta que, numa apropriacao adequada, o tratamento dos instrumentos nao remeteriam a uma discussao de instrumentalismo e do tecnicismo, criticados pelos setores progressistas da profissao por serem fundados na razao manipulatoria, e sim ressaltariam sua contribuicao para uma pratica competente.