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NRPSNew Riders of the Purple Sage (band)
NRPSNiagara Regional Police Service
NRPSNonRibosomal Peptide Synthesis
NRPSNon-Regular Permanent Staff (British military)
NRPSNotice Review Processing System
NRPSNumerical Rating Pain Score (patient discomfort scale)
NRPSNon-Revenue-Producing Space (General Services Administration)
NRPSNether Robertland Primary School (UK)
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IA = intra-articular infiltration, SSISB/IA = single-shot interscalene block with intra-articular infiltration, CISB = continuous interscalene block, PACU = post anaesthesia care unit, NRPS = numerical rating pain score, SD = standard deviation.
Numerical rating pain scores (0 to 10) at rest and with coughing, sedation scores and the presence of side-effects were assessed in the recovery area after arousal and at one, two and 24 hours postoperatively.
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