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NRSNetherrealm Studios (game developer; Chicago, IL)
NRSNational Roper Supply (Texas)
NRSNormal Rabbit Serum
NRSNew Russian Standard
NRSNational Runaway Switchboard (Chicago, IL)
NRSName Registration Scheme
NRSNoise Reduction System
NRSNational Relay Service (hearing imparied telephone service in Australia)
NRSNorthwest River Supply (outdoor equipment retailer)
NRSNumerical Rating Scale (pain measurement)
NRSNepalese Rupee (national currency)
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NRSNon-Rising Stem
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NRSNippon Riku-Un Sangyo (Japan)
NRSNavy Relief Society (US Navy)
NRSNational Reference Standard
NRSNovell Replication Services
NRSNaval Radio Station
NRSNationwide Relocation Service
NRSNavy Recruiting Station
NRSNational Reporter System (court cases reference source)
NRSNetwork Reputation Service (various companies)
NRSNational Reservation System (phone preordering)
NRSNational Recovery Services (various locations)
NRSNuclear and Radiation Safety
NRSNationally Recruited Staff
NRSNational Railway Supplies, Ltd. (UK)
NRSNetwork Routing Service
NRSNational Resource Specialist (FAA)
NRSNon Repudiation of Submission (electronic commerce)
NRSNatural Resources Secretariat (various locations)
NRSNon-Requesting Spouse (taxes; US IRS)
NRSName Resolution Server
NRSNorman-Roberts Syndrome
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NRSNatural Reclamation System
NRSNetwork Request Scheduler
NRSNeglected Reserved Sub-Tree
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NRSNetwork Routing Solution
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NRSName Reporting System
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NRSNear Reactor Shield
NRSNon-Repairable at Sea
NRSNavy Reporting System
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Pain score of patients at Numerical rating scale was measured, out of 20 patients.
An 11- point numerical rating scale was used to evaluate intensity of pain during menstruation (0=no pain, 10=the pain is as bad as it can be).
Very well 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very poorly RAID SCORING AND CALCULATION RULES The RAID is calculated based on 7 Numerical rating scales (NRS) questions.
The numerical rating scale was from 0 to 10, with 0 representing none, 5 representing moderate, and 10 representing worst possible fatigue.
Pain was measured during the first 7 days, and at Weeks 1 and 3, with the Numerical Rating Scale scored from 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain possible), with a between-group difference of 1 unit considered clinically important.
The three most valid and accepted pain scales - the visual analogue scale, numerical rating scale and the pain diagram--were commonly used.
During each field trip, a checklist or numerical rating scale is especially useful where much of the assessment depends on field observations rather than testing (Table 2).
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