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NunNunavut (Canadian territory)
NunNilai Ujian Nasional (Indonesian: Value of National Examination)
NunNew Users Network (Ubuntu)
NunNipple-Union-Nipple (sensor connection)
NunNetwork User Name
NunNew Unit Notification
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All round the walls of the cavern there were beds cut out of the solid rock, upon which the nuns slept, and in the middle a light was burning.
The Muslims would even bring them food, a Carmelite nun from Manila said.
Dedicated to God: An Oral History of Cloistered Nuns.
A senior clerics' committee gave a nod to the nun's miracle following which Francis signed a decree approving the canonization of the nun, according to reports.
At the ceremony when a nun makes final, permanent vows, she hugs her family for one final time.
Thank a Nun Day is an organized social media effort that invites participants of all ages from around the world to unite under the hashtag #ThankANun to share messages of gratitude to the Catholic nuns—past and present—who have made a difference in their lives.
June Whitfield | as Sister Ruth, who is making a one-off appearance in Albert Square Esther |Rantzen Which nun was all at sea?
Jo Piazza; IF NUNS RULED THE WORLD; Open Road Media (Nonfiction: Biography) 12.
The form of instruction, however, is not from the top down; instead, the nun learns to touch the other nun by their soulful engagement with the text.
When help arrived, the nun who had found the first two victims was herself found killed.
Kristof's idea of a praiseworthy nun is the caricature, and one which many Catholics lament over.
The final section, 'Authorship and Nuns: Writing by the Nun for the Nun', is significantly the shortest, with two contributions: Wybren Scheepsma on Griet Essinchghes, an early sixteenth-century Windesheim nun, and her work on the sister-book of Diepenveen, and Patricia Stoop on sixteenth-century sermons from a Cistercian abbey near Brussels.