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NunNunavut (Canadian territory)
NunNilai Ujian Nasional (Indonesian: Value of National Examination)
NunNew Users Network (Ubuntu)
NunNipple-Union-Nipple (sensor connection)
NunNetwork User Name
NunNew Unit Notification
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Today, as we celebrate Canada 150, it burns for the whole country and for Nunavut, our newest territory.
This difference is important, for despite its subtitle, Made in Nunavut is far from being simply a study of administrative planning and organizational design.
Il commence par les dernieres etapes de la negociation de l'Accord sur les revendications territoriales du Nunavut (ARTN)--dont l'article 4 prevoit l'etablissement d'un gouvernement public pour tous les residents de l'Arctique de l'Est plutot qu'un gouvernement autonome seulement pour les Inuits--et termine avec les derniers chiffres sur la fonction publique du Nunavut en 2014.
When I share stories of the Far North with southern Canadian friends who have not yet been to Nunavut, they understand that Inuit no longer live in iglu.
From June 4 to 5, 2015, following the adjournment of the spring sitting, senior representatives from Nunavut Tourism appeared before the Standing Committee on the occasion of its consideration of the association's most recent annual report and strategic plan.
The net result would be the enrichment of multinational capital at the expense of the wealth and well-being of the majority of the people of Nunavut.
Nunavut has a population of about 35,000 people and remains one of the world's most sparsely populated regions, however since 2009 population growth has exceeded the 2% mark.
Our expansion in Nunavut reinforces our commitment to grow in communities where our shareholders live and work.
demands for health care, Nunavut may be challenged to meet its 2014/15
However, the Nunavut model of development also represents much that is distinctive among developing regions.
Country: Canada, Sector: Metals/MiningTarget: Baffinland Iron Mines CorporationBuyer: ArcelorMittal SA, Nunavut Iron Ore Acquisition IncDeal size in USD: 596.
Instead, in Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, 'province-like' powers are delegated by the federal government through the acts of devolution (Yukon Act S.