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For general information on the 'Registered Nurse Assistant to the Anaesthetist' workforce issues refer to the link on
I feel "registered assistant nurse" is too much of a mouthful, but when I read headlines stating "Earn your nurse assistant certificate online in six weeks" and a charge caregiver signing herself as a "nursing assistant", I don't really think we have much choice.
They want their CNA skills recognized and advanced, but many career ladders move them away from the bedside," says Genevieve Gipson, director of Career Nurse Assistants' Programs, Norton, Ohio.
She is also "devastated" with the nurse assistant scope.
Martin's Episcopal Outreach Mission Church in Hartford, envisioned an educational program for people to "help themselves to become productive members of society." He identified the need for an affordable Connecticut state-certified nurse assistant training program.
As we talked and worked with nurse assistants on issues of abuse, we began to sense that the curriculum suggested to us by the sponsoring organizations was in itself abusive; the teaching approach was discouraging to anyone who was doing a good job, and the curriculum failed to provide actual assistance in dealing with the myriad of care problems encountered daily by the nurse assistant.
The hotline would allow employers to learn about any resident abuse or neglect problems recorded in any state where a nurse assistant has been certified.
"The program is designed to increase nurse assistant's self-esteem and give them skills that will foster economic independence while we make sure residents are well taken care of," explains Bruce Spitz, director of Health Care Training at the American Red Cross.
I congratulate you on completion of this training and wish you the best of luck as you begin your new careers as nurse assistants'.
Trade groups, however, point to NHAs as a means of easing the shortage of nurses and certified nurse assistants (CNA), thereby freeing the better trained staff for residents at higher need, and improving the quality of care.
The Basic Nursing Assistant Training program follows the EKG program and convenes for 16 weeks, offering a basic study of principles and procedures used by nurse assistants in long-term care, home health and hospital settings.
Council has decided to rename the graduates of the Christchurch and Northland Polytechnics as nurse assistants to clarify the role for the public.