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NODNon-Obese Diabetic (strain of laboratory mouse)
NODNotice of Default
NODNational Organization on Disability
NODNumber of Deaths (gaming)
NODNotice of Discharge
NODNumber One Daughter
NODNotification of Deficiency
NODNet Object Document
NODNo Drives
NODNuovo Ordinamento Didattico (Italian: New Educational Order)
NODNormalization of Deviance
NODNemocnica na Okraji Disku (Czechoslovakian pun)
NODNotice of Determination
NODNotice of Disagreement (US VA)
NODNotice of Deficiency
NODNurse on Duty
NODNation of Domination (pro wrestling)
NODNew Orleans District (USACE)
NODNight Observation Device
NODNederlandse Onderzoek Databank (Dutch: Dutch Research Database)
NODNucleotide Oligomerization Domain
NODNight of Darkness (music event)
NODNetscape Open Directory (software)
NODNot on Digest
NODNitric Oxide Dioxygenase
NODNurse Of the Day
NODNitrogenous Oxygen Demand
NODNetwork Outward Dialing
NODNaito-Oyanagi Disease
NODContract Written by Secretary of Navy's Office (US Navy)
NODNotice of Discrepancy
NODNetwork Operations Division
NODNotice of Defect
NODNotice of Direction
NODNotice of Disposition
NODNo Obvious Deformities
NODNon-Orthologous gene Displacement
NODNHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) On Demand (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NODContract for Adjutant-General (US Navy)
NODNightingale on Demand (computer application for physicians and healthcare providers)
NODNatural Organic Demand
NODNorth of Dewdney
NODNation Of the Damned
NODNonorganic Data
NODNavy Ordnance Depot
NODNew Order of Destruction (gaming)
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Nurse of the Day is a wonderful opportunity to share educated and substantiated viewpoints in a professional manner.
After locating the awesome Nurse of the Day parking space we realized we should have worn lab coats.
In addition to signing up to be a Nurse of the Day, you can also choose to serve in honor of Rebecca Anderson on April 19th or Florence Nightingale on May 11th.
The nurse, whether she acknowledges it or not, is in essence the health care manager; functioning in this role, the nurse uses the skills of collaboration, communication, delegation, negotiation and coordination Consequently, the title of nurse elucidates a strategic place, where she can also be a healthcare transformer, or catalyst of change In concordance with these roles, the opportunity to serve as Nurse of the Day presents the perfect niche for the nurse who wants to be truly altruistic in her nursing profession while serving as an agent of change in the bigger arena of healthcare In honoring the profession that has worked hard in being recognized, and then serving as a voice of the profession speaks loudly to one's dedication to the institution of nursing.
ONA has a great opportunity for you and that is to serve as the Nurse of the Day!
You are acknowledged on the floor and given a citation for your service as Nurse of the Day.
The Nurse of the Day will get a sense as to the respect and appreciation nurses have among legislators as they will hear related comments often while they are at the Capitol.
I would be very honored to serve as Nurse of the Day in celebrating the life of Florence Nightingale, The Lady With The Lamp.
Congratulations to Eileen Grubbs for being selected to serve as Nurse of the Day at the Capitol on April 19.
Our "Nightingale Nurse of the Day" serves to remind us of the Nightingale Pledge.
Like the Nurse of the Day program, this event was designed to give nurses the opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the issues affecting our profession here in Oklahoma.
More now than ever, Oklahoma nurses need to be involved in legislative activity, such as the Nurse of the Day program This program gives nurses the opportunity to interact one-on-one with state legislators, who consider many issues affecting health care and our profession.
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