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The clinic was established and runs in a cost-effective manner in a wing of the nursing home care unit of the James A.
Staffing for the clinics is managed in conjunction with the nursing home care unit coverage.
Most of the interdisciplinary support team members are geographically based within the nursing home care unit and are committed to providing prompt interventions as needed during the patient's visit.
Although nursing home care units have been established in VA medical facilities throughout the country, a heavy demand for limited resources has generated extensive waiting lists.
It has 67 in-patient beds and 100 beds in the nursing home care units for long-term care.
VA doctors provide care in hundreds of ambulatory care centers, the VA's 144 hospitals, the VA's specialty nursing home care units at many VA medical centers and the VA's 300 vet centers.
VA operates its own nursing home care units in 132 locations.
The VA system includes more than 170 medical centers, almost 400 outpatient, community and outreach clinics, and some 130 nursing home care units.
Their care is supported by nursing home care units in medical centers, adult day care centers, home health aid services, community nursing homes and state veterans homes.
VA operates its own nursing home care units in 132 locations, and VA also pays for nursing home care under contract in non-VA nursing homes--referred to as community nursing homes.