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The directive required each VHA hospital across the nation to develop unit-based expert panels to determine required nursing hours per patient day to deliver activities similar to the NIW used in measuring nursing acuity (Taylor et al.
Most hospitals can easily report the average number of productive nursing hours per patient day ("hours per patient day" or HPPD), because they keep data on nursing hours and patient days.
The follow-up phone call policy cannot be reinstated until such time as there are confirmed, agreed, and implemented safe nurse staffing numbers, with the minimum nursing hours per patient day plus the additional staffing required to meet patient acuity and safe nursing skill mix needs.
In the current study, three aspects of staffing (skill mix, nursing hours per patient day, and RN workload) were included under human resources.
These measures include the nursing hours per patient day, staff mix, RN education and certification, RN job satisfaction and nurse turnover.
They would be required to keep records with data collection on the following outcomes: patient acuity; nursing-sensitive patient outcomes (defined as patient falls, adverse drug events, patient injuries, skin breakdown, pneumonia, infections, upper GI bleeding, shock, cardiac arrest, length of stay and patient re-admissions); work-related injuries, vacancy and turnover rates, nursing hours per patient day, use of on-call staff, overtime; needlesticks; and patient complaints about staffing levels.
I pointed out to her that we want to progress nursing hours per patient day or ratios beyond where they're currently stalled by the government's wages policy.
A literature synthesis on the impact of Californian-mandated acute care hospital nurse staffing ratios found they reduced the number of patients per licensed nurses and increased the number of nursing hours per patient day in hospitals (Donaldson & Shapiro, 2010).
There is a critical need to either retire or seriously question the usefulness of the concept of nursing hours per patient day (HPPD).
Since acuity and staffing are a vital concern, TCU nursing hours per patient day (HPPD) ranged from 3.
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