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The HINZ nursing informatics working group is the most active of HINZ groups.
To find out more or keep in contact with other nurses about nursing informatics, contact chair of the nursing informatics working group at HINZ, Michelle Honey.
Rosemary Kennedy, Malvern, PA, was elected as Chair Elect of the AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group.
She is a past chair of the AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group and the Alliance for Nursing Informatics.
In 2005, the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Nursing Informatics Working Group (NIWG) in collaboration with the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI), a consortium of 21 independent nursing informatics organizations representing over 2000 nurses, requested to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics' Standard Occupational Classification Systems the addition of the Informatics Nurse to the major groups of occupations with subgroups for an informatics nurse, informatics specialist, and informatics nurse researcher.
Westra, PhD, RN, presented "Wisdom From the Pioneers to Create the Future." She briefed the audience about a current project by the AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group to document the pioneering efforts and progress of nursing informatics in the United States.
"The Alliance for Nursing Informatics represents an unprecedented commitment to the power of collaboration within the nursing informatics community," said Connie White Delaney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, and chair of the American Medical Informatics Association's Nursing Informatics Working Group. "National health information technology strategic initiatives will benefit from the ability of the ANI to act as a whole, responding and participating in informatics-related issues and opportunities.
Sponsored by: AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group, HIMSS, CARING, and the Nursing Informatics Collaboration Task Force
The almost annual CARING AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group luncheon held during AMIA.
Werley Award was proposed by the Nursing Informatics Working Group and accepted by the AMIA Board of Directors in June 1996.
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