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NVSRAMNon-Volatile Static Random Access Memory
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The CY14V101QS 1Mb nvSRAM with Quad SPI interface works at a clock speed of up to 108 MHz and offers performance exceeding that of a parallel interface (x8 IO width, 45-ns access time) device.
Cypress nvSRAM is an ideal solution for applications requiring continuous high-speed reading and writing of data and absolute nonvolatile data security.
Adding F-RAM as a complementary offering to our nvSRAM products gives our customers the best solutions for speed and power consumption across a broad range of end markets.
The 1-Mbit serial nvSRAM device offers an industry-standard SPI interface and operates at frequencies up to 40 MHz.
Anvo-Systems designs nvSRAMs for use as stand-alone memories or as IP blocks in systems-on-chips.
The new nvSRAM solutions are ideal for solutions requiring high reliability and security, such as for medical, communication, automotive, bio-technology and industrial control and metering applications.
New Family Includes World's First nvSRAMs to Support ONFI and Toggle Synchronous Interfaces for Direct Connections to NAND Bus Controllers
We are pleased to be entering the final stages of our 4 megabit nvSRAM product which represents a major milestone for Simtek," said Harold A.
In fact, with their fast dual-SPI (SDI) throughput of 40 Mbps and low active and sleep currents, these serial NVSRAM devices feature high-speed operation without the high pin counts of parallel NVSRAM, and comparable power consumption to FRAM, all at a fraction of the price.
The agreement joins Simtek's unique nvSRAM products for the industrial, robotic, medical, data storage, and military markets with Future's regional strength, technical resources and cutting edge portfolio of complementary technology and product lines.
New SPI nvSRAM Delivers Speed and Board Space Savings