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NVODNear Video On Demand
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34) One example was Foxtel's NVOD which in comparison with TransACT company's true video on demand (TVOD) was not a true interactive application.
In the video local loop, we estimate that DBS has superior economics for current broadcast services and future services such as pay per view (PPV) and NVOD [ILLUSTRATION FOR EXHIBIT 2 OMITTED].
Dentro de esta ultima categoria diferencia tres tipos de servicios: NVOD (Near Video on Demand), de eventos y de IPPV (Impulse Pay per View).
Assets can be utilized for VOD, NVOD, Barker, web, mobile and advertising systems.
V cene mus byt zahrnut zakolenie obsluhy v sdle verejnho obstarvatela, a ostatn nklady svisiace s dodanm predmetu kpy, vrtane prihlsenia vozidiel na dopravnom inpektorte s pridelenm ECV a dodania psomnej dokumentcie, patriacej k predmetu kpy (preberac odovzdvajci protokol, osvedcenie o evidencii vozidiel, zznam zakolenia obsluhy, nvod na obsluhu a drbu, katalg nhradnch dielov, servisn knika).
The Asia Pacific market currently has approximately 18 million VOD or NVOD households, and is expected to grow to 125 million by 2010, surpassing North American households.
Envivio said they were using its Muse Ultra HD software to support two modes of 4K HEVC delivery to a vast range of devices for Chunghwa Telecom: VOD content delivered through unicast transfer method, and NVOD via multicast to HwaCom set-top boxes.
Subscribers to VOD and NVOD who are also customers of KVH s mini-VSAT Broadband service and IP-MobileCast content delivery service will receive new training material as soon as it is released, with free delivery over their broadband connection.
RiGHTv enables the delivery of a wide range of IPTV services such as broadcast TV over IP, VOD (video-on-demand), NVOD (near VOD), PVR (personal video recording), pay-per-view, games, T-commerce and other interactive services.
Upgrades give operators the ability to plan for the future with add on modules for revenue generating applications such as VOD, NVOD, Interactive and PVR
technology company, DIVA Systems Corporation and Finance Director of a content aggregation company for NVOD and VOD in the U.
The offering will combine Amdocs IPTV solution with Orca's IPTV applications such as broadcast TV over IP, VOD (Video-on-Demand), NVOD (Near Video-on-Demand), PVR (Personal Video Recording), pay-per-view, and other interactive services.