NWHSNorthwest High School
NWHSNational Wildlife Humane Society
NWHSNatural World Heritage Site (UNESCO)
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The NWHS completed by the NWMB was understood by many Inuit to contain sufficient information upon which governments could make management decisions.
It may seem to those less familiar with the dynamics of northern communities that we are calling into question the validity of the NWHS, which we consider to be a truly momentous work.
For businesses, NWHs mean additional operational costs in terms of extra compensation for employees who are obliged to work on those days to meet production schedules or avoid the disruption of commercial activities.
The country's 21 annual NWHs (and counting) compare poorly with those of neighboring countries with whom the Philippines is competing for foreign investments, i.e., Malaysia, 14; Thailand, 17; and Vietnam, 12.
Not to be overlooked or ignored on having more NWHs is their financial impact on daily wage earners or people whose sustenance depends on the pay they receive for work done at the end of the day.
Of course, for monthly-paid employees, NWHs are welcome because they get paid regardless of the actual days they work, and when made to work on NWHs, they get additional compensation.
Going back to the proposed religion-based holidays, let's keep our fingers crossed that no lawmaker comes up with the idea of further equalizing the religious balance by proposing NWHs for Buddhists, Jews, Hindus and other religious sects in the country.
This developed as Congress considered bills that would add more NWHs to the year, including proposals to have an NWH for the founding anniversary of Iglesia ni Cristo and an NWH for a National Bible Day, among others.
8 of every year as [an] NWH to commemorate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the chambers and business groups are increasingly concerned that the high number of regular and special NWHs is damaging the competitiveness of the country,' the letter read.
Should the bills succeed in adding more NWHs, the Philippines would be put at a further disadvantage, especially given that the country's main rivals for investments have fewer NWHs.
In particular, the groups cited Malaysia (14 NWHs), Thailand (17 NWHs), and Vietnam (12 NWHs)
The Joint Foreign Chambers and Philippine business groups warned the Senate against adding more nonworking holidays (NWH) amid fears that the country was already losing out to competition with neighboring countries.