NWOBHMNew Wave Of British Heavy Metal
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Despite being over 35 years ago, NWOBHM still has a rabidly loyal following, and when BroFest was started four years ago by three Geordie fans to bring the bands they loved to the North East no-one could have predicted that fans would fly in from South America, Greece and the Mediterranean to see bands who hadn't performed live in over three decades.
With two former members of NWOBHM legends Angel Witch in their ranks and a hotshot vocalist spoken about in the same breath as the great Ronnie James Dio and with a buzz building around a newly album recorded, what could possibly go wrong for Tytan?
Four film crews will also be capturing the action for a German TV documentary about the resurgence of the NWOBHM movement and a spectacular period for the North East music scene.
Dubbed "thrash" metal, this subgenre combined the frantic tempi and disciplined song structures of hardcore punk with elements of the NWOBHM sound to bring metal back to its roots, while in many cases expanding its tendency towards instrumental virtuosity even further.
Thanks to the success of the NWOBHM and thrash metal movements, the 1990s saw an explosion of bands and genres across the United States and Europe.
One of the most important bands of the NWOBHM movement, Satan released the classic Court in the Act album back in 1983, paving the way for the thrash metal craze that followed in later years.
Inspired by the more aggressive NWOBHM sounds of Newcastle's Venom, Desaster will be stirring things up with their thrash metal mayhem.
Some of the most famous rock bands in the world cite Birmingham NWOBHM bands from 1979/1980 as their inspiration and it is well documented.
I've been told events have been planned to celebrate the anniversary of NWOBHM, there will be lots of magazine articles and maybe radio and TV coverage.
But for those of you already salivating at the prospect of Iron Maiden's visit to the Telewest Arena in December, the NWOBHM pioneers' jaw-droppingly wild Visions Of The Beast is the best buy in town.