NWSSNuclear War Survival Skills (civil defense manual)
NWSSNational Western Stock Show
NWSSNew Westminster Secondary School (BC, Canada)
NWSSNuclear Weapons Support Section
NWSSNuclear Weapon Subsystem
NWSSNuclear Weapon Storage Site
NWSSNorthwest Security Services (Seattle, WA)
NWSSNaval Weather Service System
NWSSNavy Worldwide Military Command & Control System Software Standardization
NWSSNose Wheel Steering System (US Air Force)
NWSSNavy WWMCCS Standard Software
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The NWSS provides a framework for Lebanon to achieve the sixth UN Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
First, 1967 becomes the cutoff point for the division between NWSs and NNWSs in the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, so that all countries that demonstrated nuclear-weapons capability before that year are automatically entitled to the "privilege" of acquiring and retaining such weapons, and all other signatories are barred from such acquisition.
The commitment of the five declared NWSs to the cause of nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament has been the subject of comment and criticism at the 2000 NPT Review conference.
The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT)--which the five NWSs (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) ratified in 1970--mandates these countries to work toward eliminating nuclear weapons.
However, proponents agree that the necessary mechanism already exists within the NWSs' positive security assurance, describing the idea that a small state might be able to develop and employ nuclear weapons as "just nonsense" since the major powers have the capability to crush such a player out of existence conventionally.
NWSS is--by default--the government plan for survival of American civilians.
From India's perspective, the indefinite and unconditional extension of the NPT in 1995, which divided the world permanently into the nuclear haves and the have-nots, demonstrated that the five NWSs - which also happened to be the five permanent members (P-5) of the United Nations Security Council - were unwilling to negotiate, in good faith, nuclear disarmament.