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NWWNurse with Wound (band)
NWWNew Ways to Work (California)
NWWNose Wheel Well
NWWNational Web Window (internet service provider)
NWWNorth West Water PLC (now United Utilities; UK)
NWWNextel World Wide
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Drilling continued at the southern-most and lower portions of the NWW Zone evaluating over 400 feet of strike length.
Next, I introduce NWW's two equilibria, and develop how variation in the politico-economic equilibrium leads to variation in how politicians structure access to economic opportunity.
There are many well-developed fault structures, such as the Shaaqi fracture, providing channels for ore solutions, which is NW-SE trending, and its associated fracture, the main host structure, trending NEE, NWW or EW (Fig.
The speech fracture SF is a derived measurement, being considered as a rapport between NWW and SS.
New Ways to Work (NWW) will be commonplace in many industries by 2025.
We often call those societies "developed" or "modern." In Violence and Social Orders, Douglass North, Barry Weingast, and I (hereafter NWW) use the terms open access societies and natural states, which correspond roughly to developed and developing societies.
nwW "We probably should have won the game but they took their chances and fair play to them.
The continent's southern tip recently flaunted its latest clutch of the fabulously rich in the pages of New World Wealth (NWW), which reveal the globe's wealthiest millionaires, billionaires and multiples thereof.
En enero y febrero (epoca seca) el oleaje incidente se caracteriza por provenir desde el NWW, con alturas significantes entre 0,89 [+ o -] 0,22 m y 0,99 [+ o -] 0,26 m, y periodos entre 13,8 [+ o -] 2,0 s y 14,0 [+ o -] 1,9 s (Restrepo et al., 2009).
COLCHESTER 2 WALSALL 0 JO JCo de ni nwW JOE DUNNE admitted Colchester fully deserved to end their nine-match losing run with victory over Walsall.
nww But angry Murdoch wrote that the police were "now complaining about R Brooks saving an old horse from the glue factory".
These flexible work designs, also referred to as 'new ways of working' (NWW) have been applauded thus far, as they would lead to more efficient work processes, while simultaneously reducing organizational costs (Rennecker & Godwin, 2005).